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Context / Catchment Profile

  • 1,490,943 people live within the OCC’s main catchment area.
  • Between 2019-2022 there will be a slight increase in the area’s population (+1.4%).
  • Age structure – at present in the OCC’s catchment area, there is a higher proportion of people in the age groups up to 44 years old and lower proportions thereafter compared to national averages.
  • (Multiple) deprivation – deprivation rates are relatively high; 30.6% of residents within the catchment area are in the most deprived 20% nationally.
  • Ethnic composition – there are higher proportions of White people (88.2% compared to 85.4% in England), lower numbers describe themselves as Asian (6.2% compared to 7.8%) and a lower proportion of people classify themselves as Black (2.6% compared to 3.5%).
  • Crime rates – vary by locality but average 151.0 per ‘000 persons, compared to 110.0 nationally.
  • Full-time earnings – averages across the area range from £27,050 in Wakefield to £28,512 in Leeds, compared to a national average of £29,697. Benefits – 19,905 people claim Universal Credit.
  • Health – the estimated annual NHS cost of physical inactivity for CCGs3 in the area is £8,128,176.
  • People – 40,850 hours (5,447 days, 1,1089 person weeks) p.a. are spent on community related work by CCO and club staff, volunteers and supporters (this includes player time – see below).
  • Players are involved in 348 community activities throughout the year ranging, for example, from anti-racism to disability football and from hospice visits to matchday experiences.
  • Facilities - The club/CCO has access to a range of facilities that are available to the CCO and/or local community. These comprise six meeting rooms, seven office spaces, three classrooms and the training ground. Access to these is provided to the CCO/community free of charge and has a commercial value equivalent to £974,900 p.a. – a large majority of this being in relation to classroom usage (96%).